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I am a die hard baseball fan. I love watching baseball, and playing baseball. Although the game of baseball can be a love hate relationship I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Championship: Make It Happen posted on 08/01/2009

The MLB trade deadline came and went without the biggest name on the market being moved. Often times Mid-July festers numerous rumors within the Majors. The largest topic of discussion this year was Toronto ace Roy Halladay. Other notable players moved (most of them left Cleveland), but Halladay stayed.

The world series contenders before the deadline (Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals, Phillies) made a few moves to further separate them from the teams chasing them, but neither one separated themselves from the pack of championship contenders they merely stayed with the pace at best. The game is played to win championships! So why did none of these teams pay the price for Roy Halladay and put themselves in a prime position to win.

Right Now either of these teams could win it all, but if you add Halladay to any of these rosters that team immediately becomes the favorite. Hey Yankees give up Joba the Hut and Phill Hughes and get a guy that is more than a strong arm. Hey Boston give them Clay and Bowden and whoever else they want. Hey LaRussa give Toronto Colby Rasmus and Adam Wainwright. If any of these deals had happened I would go ahead and give that team a 75% chance to win the World Series. Heck even a team that is chasing these guys could gain Halladay and contend for championship.

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Michael Vick: Searching for a Home posted on 07/30/2009
Unless you've managed to live amongst wolves for the past two years you undoubtedly know about Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. Michael has been out of professional football for two whole seasons and most of that time was spent in prison. Although, an average American cannot return to his or her job after being imprisoned; Michael Vick can and he will, because he is a professional football player.
The over used argument, "If this happened to me I wouldn't get a second chance." is ludicrous. If you, like Vick, have a job that only 1% of the population can do I bet you would be allowed back under some circumstances. Most of us; however, do not have this job and we are easily replaced. NFL players are basically celebrities. One cannot expect for the same rules to apply, so don't use that as an argument to keep Vick sidelined.

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Blazers add Andre Miller, Need to do more to contend in West posted on 07/29/2009
The Portland Trailblazers added free agent point guard Andre Miller to their roster this week, which undoubtedly makes them a better team. They now have Andre Miller and Steve Blake as their primary point guard as opposed to last season when they had Steve Blake and Sergio Rodriguez. The Blazers will definitely benefit from Miller's vocality and leadership both on and off the court and Greg Oden will appreciate his lob passes he loves to throw to his streaking posts.
This deal makes Brandon Roy happy, which is the number one goal in the Rose City. With that said this deal does not make much sense. Yes, the addition of Andre Miller makes Portland better, but it does not make them better than the Lakers, Spurs, or even the Nuggets. So it appears that Portland really isn't better in the standings. Houston will fall of next year and Portland will likely still be the four seed out west.

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Speculation: Mid Season Trades posted on 04/01/2009

The Seattle Mariners picked up injured closer Chad Cordero in the offseason. Cordero was a solid major league closer with the Washington Nationals for years. Foxsports reports that the Mariners are likely to use Cordero as mid season trade bait if they are out of contention early as they are expected to be.

With that said the Brewers will need at the very least bullpen help and will likely need a closer as Hoffman is obviously not a long term solution. It's a long shot to call any mid season trade at this point, but given this information I would not be suprised if Chad Cordero was the second Cordero to close for the Brewers in recent years.

The San Diego Padres are also still trying to shop Jake Peavy. I don't see a chance at the Brewers getting him and maintaining him. It would be another CC Sabathia situation that would likely not pay off as well as the Sabathia deal did.

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Brew Crew clears spot for McGehee posted on 04/01/2009

Last season in late September the Brewers picked up Mike Lamb, to be used as a pinch hitter and reserve player. Lamb went 3 for 11 during the stretch run, but was not put on the post season roster. On tuesday the Brewers decided to essenially release Lamb, by not putting him on the opening day roster. He has the option to play for AAA Nashville, but will likely hold out for another major league gig.

With this release the Brewers have likely opened up a roster spot for 26 year old Casey McGehee, who was formerly a member of the Cubs minor league system. McGehee has suprised most Brewers fans by posting a .364 batting average including six homeruns and 15 RBI's in 55 spring training at bats. I would, however, be cautious about his plate discipline as he has not been walked once this spring, where as every other Brewer with at lease thirty at bats has drawn a walk. However, he has not struck out a lot either, only four K's in 55 at bats, which is a good sign in a young player. Given the lack of walks and strikeouts tells me that he is a good aggressive begginning of the count hitter.

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